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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Did we mention that we won (on Facebook) a competition with 'Hair & Makeup by Rachel' to have our hair and makeup done for FREE at home.  We saved the prize for Sophie's pre-Debs night out and had so much fun with Rachel (Cleary) - would you believe - an ex-Cluny she showed us some clever hair and makeup tricks of the trade.

Rachel was so much fun and so nice and we would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a makeup lesson.  We will post the link to her Facebook page below.

Anyway, we will let the photos tell the story, but it was a really nice start to a great night out for Sophie and we look forward to having the laughs with the very talented Rachel (Cleary) for another special occasion soon.

Sophie ready to party!

And Rachel Cleary (Hair and Makeup by Rachel) can be contacted via her Facebook page at:

MISSING OUR BLOG - from the desk of Rachel Hickey!

Well girls, today I started my WORK EXPERIENCE.  So lucky to be in a Marketing and PR Company.

I feel that we have really neglected our blog.  Life is busy, and these past few weeks have been really, really busy, with Sophie's Pre-Debs night on the town, Sophie's Mock Exams, getting ready for my Muscial, other Transition Year activities and even hockey practices,  busy weekends, birthday parties and a few nights out too.

 It just shows how quickly time passes and even though I have good intentions, I can neglect something that means so much to me.  Even Paddy's day has passed us by.  So this week, I am going to do two or three blog posts to bring us right up to date.

Hope you had a good Patrick's Day, like we had.  We were so lucky to get a great view of the Parade because our brother has been working on it for two months now. Cluny was very well represented too with our TY Art Students taking part.....  ttyl