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Sunday, January 22, 2012


We have been Rihanna fans for quite a while, but we are not sure that the new Rihanna style is better than the Rihanna in the video below.  Her newest video is a bit rough and her personal style and attitude seems to have taken a turn for the worst.

While it is great to see music ions move on and evolve, just sometimes it would be a good idea for them to look back at where they have come from and to continue to keep their best characteristics, song choices and style...

Singing along to Rihanna at her best at this concert in Manchester.......

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A few people have been asking us about our style over the holidays so just before we go back to school tomorrow - here are a few pictures and a few comments on what we have been wearing.....


 Sophie's Style:  In these pictures I am wearing a grey lace top from Zara, black trousers bought from the Avoca sale rail for €10 (down from almost €100 as they needed a repair) and my big splashout - brown suade boots from T K Maxx (bought in the summertime and stored away fro Christmas).  My necklace is last years, but still in fashion.  This is a really comfortable outfit.

Rachel's Style:  I'm wearing black velvet jeans from Zara last year, black shoe boots from New Look in September and a black lace top, with a really nice lacey back feature from Oasis last year.  My belt came free with a pair of trousers.  All of these were just sitting in my wardrobe and I put them together as a new outfit.


 Firstly, we bought our jackets at Bershka's Summer sale and stored them away until Christmas.  The grey jacket is leather and cost only €50.  The black jacket is faux leather and cost a lot less, but looks very good for the price.

On a very tight budget, we set ourselves targets pricewise when we went shopping.

Rachel's lacey top is from Awear and cost €17.50.  It is worn over a black and grey dress worn Christmas 2009 and gave the dress a whole new lease of life.  Her tights are from New Look, as are her cute little lace up shoes.  Her pink and grey heart scarf cost €5 at the Mingle Market.

For a closer look at the details:

 Sophie's dress is one of several we bought from the sale rail in Awear.  It cost €25.  It is a nice day dress with an open back detail, so it needs a top underneath.  Sophie wore a black lacey top she already had.  The dress also looks nice with a long sleeve black lace top underneath.  On another day she wore a brown cardigan from Zara over the dress, which really picked up the colour of her boots.  The dress has a nice bow detail.

Again, a closer look at the details

Everybody says Sophie's boots are like Julia Roberts' boots in the movie Pretty Woman!!!

Now we want to watch the movie!!

Hope our blog inspires you to pick up a few bargains from the end of the sales and put them together with a few clothes you already have - to create new outfits that don't break the bank this new year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well's here.  A brand new year for all of us to enjoy.  Let's hope it's a good one for all of us.

We are not great on resolutions.... but we love new beginnings.  Today has a feeling that this will be a good year and we can make it good if we decide what we really want and make it happen.

Remembering people we know who really suffered in 2011 and hoping that life will be good for them this New Year.

People have been asking us about our Christmas watch out for a blog very soon and photos too.

We wish all of our followers a very Happy New Year.  May you be happy and healthy.  We have lots of plans..... hope you have too.     Love Sophie and Rachel XX

For your enjoyment..... a few 2011 memories....