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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hey girls, we have been so, so busy, but have got through our list of preparations and want to take a moment to wish all our followers a wonderful Christmas.  Our holly wreaths sold really well.  We have got some great style sorted for Christmas (some for the best bargain prices) and will share a few pics with you over the week to come.

As we write, we can smell the ham cooking, we have just got our turkey from Grandad and our Christmas cake and pudding from Granny with lots of goodies too.  Mom is making flowers for our table and Dad is hanging up our own Christmas wreath.

As the song says......'It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas'   in this house.

Hope it is a happy Christmas for you too and that all is good in your life - if you are sad for any reason today, we are thinking of you. XX

Hope all your preparations are done and you are set for a fab Christmas.  Watch out for our blogs over the next days, when we'll be keeping you up to date on what's going on with us.

We have got a few great pressies so far - thanks everyone......and look forward to a few more tomorrow!  We just love our Christmas day with family and friends. It is all soooooo exciting!

Love and hugs and stylish Christmas wishes,

Sophie and Rachel

and a kiss from Liz XX

P.s Polly had her Christmas bath, she's looking like a fluff ball.

Take a look at this, we hope you like it...

Sunday, December 4, 2011


We have launched a little Christmas enterprise at Teen Life and Style and are making some beautiful seasonal Christmas Wreaths (every one we have made so far has been snapped up by whoever sees them)!  So we have taken a few pictures and are open for orders this week and have been invited to sell them at a market next weekend.....  each one is unique in some way...... to order, just ask Rachel or Sophie or Liz....

12" diameter                                           HOPE YOU LIKE THEM                                              €20 each

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Liz here - It is the 1st of December!  The official countdown to our Christmas starts today.  So, what does Christmas mean to you this year?  On a tight budget, we will all get a little of what we fancy....nothing too exciting, but when making a Christmas list, it does not need to include lots of new and expensive things - it can include movies you want to see, meals you want to enjoy, family times and time with friends, outings over the holiday season, people you might meet up with that you haven't seen for a while, books you want to read, old videos that remind you of being a kid - even games can bring back memories and get family and friends together.  Offer to help at home, it will be much appreciated.  Make your Christmas list carefully - there are lots of bargains out there and when you are shopping - pick clothes that are not to Christmassy so that you can wear them afterwards too.  We will have more posts about the run up to Christmas, but for now.....begin to get that slightly excited feeling!