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Monday, October 31, 2011


Hope you are all having a really good day - still struggling for ideas for dressing up?  Try this one!

Wherever you are this evening - take care and keep away from the fireworks!

Sophie and Rachel

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Laura Mercier
We are great fans of Laura Mercier Cosmetics and Mom has met Laura..... we noticed the following note on Facebook this week:-
'Here is a tried and true beauty secret that Laura learned during her childhood:

A friend’s grand-mere was meticulous about facial massage - she had a yellowed newspaper article from the fifties tacked to the wall in her bathroom, and followed the steps day and night. You can do a simple version of a facial massage by applying moisturizer to your face with gentle upward strokes and to the chin, throat and chest using downward strokes.

What beauty rituals have been passed down in your family?'
With many cosmetics and creams costing a fortune, it is great to find some inexpensive skincare traditions that don't cost the earth and have worked for generations.....
Our great Grandmother washed her face with oatmeal soaked in water.
Sometimes when your skin has problems, less is more.  Yes, you need to cleanse carefully, but gentle and natural products are often best.  We have had great results from ALOE VERA gel which taken by mouth has fantastic results and we have this product for sale, if anyone is interested in it.  We also have a range of Aloe Vera suncream with Factor 30 and other Aloe Vera products for sale too.
A tricky spot can be zapped with a touch of witchhazel on a cotton bud.
When it comes to the Laura Mercier range, their exfoliator is so fine and gentle, it is second to none.  Their facewash is foaming and gentle and a bottle seems to last forever.    Their clay mask is deep cleansing, yet extremely gentle for young skin. 
Mineral powder makeup (rather than foundation) is really best for problem skin, being a natural product and when you learn to apply it properly, it gives a fantastic finish. 
All of these recommendations are from our personal experience
Why not ask your Mom, or even your Gran what skincare hints and tips they can give you?  Please share with us on Facebook.
Laura Mercier Skincare Products

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Rachel here - in a bit of a mood!  The sports coach says I'm not quite fit enough for the A Team. Gotta do something about it.......Take a look at this teen exercise video......  Now you know what I will be doing with my evenings girls!

This is only part one......there are more too!     

Monday, October 3, 2011


Rachel here - for those of us who can't get to see Rihanna tonight - a little music share. Go Rihanna. Please remember to behave yourself in the Irish countryside LOL.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Rachel here - This weekend there is a feeling of a change in the seasons even though we had a short Indian summer experience here last week.  Deciding what to wear today, I had an urge to shop!  I know the shops are full of Autumn-Winter clothes, some of which I like, but there is a dullness about some of the colours.  Today, browsing on line, I would not have to go further than Hollister (damn the prices) to lift my Autumn wardrobe to a new level......