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Friday, September 16, 2011


Sophie, Rachel and Liz here - lots of girls we know are in the market for a nice debs dress.  I suppose it is a once in a lifetime experience and everyone wants to look their best.  There is a choice to be made between current fashion (which means you might look the same as half of your peers) and the alternatives - vintage style for instance, which, when it works well looks really amazing, but if not carefully put together with hair and accessories, can look as if you stepped out of another era for the evening.

The most important thing we believe, is that the dress fits and flatters your body shape, is comfortable, is a color that suits your coloring and most importantly in this day and age - does not blow your budget for clothes for the months ahead.  It can be difficult to focus on the fact that it is one night only with all the hype, but often the girls that look most elegant and pretty, are those who look like themselves on the night, rather than an overdone, older version of themselves.

At the Ultimate Girls Day Out Fashion Show, Sophie took the following pictures, which might inspire you.....


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sophie and Rachel here - the end of August was bizarre - on Friday 26th we were wearing  school uniforms and over the weekend we attended the Ultimate Girls Day Out, as guests of one of the exhibitors......

Sophie had worked at the event on Thursday, helping to set up one of the stands with accessories and clothes.  On Sunday we both went there for a wander around.  We had no money to spend, but it was great to see all the style ideas, nail bars, hair products, shoe exhibit and it was a really fun day out.  We took lots of photos for a blog on Debs Dresses for next week.

Photos by Sophie!


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rachel here - Hope you enjoy this and Natalia Kills - great rhythm, cool video....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Liz here - this video, via Michelle Phan will give you some ideas to help adapt your summer style to suite the chillier weather we are experiencing.  Most importantly, EXPERIMENT.  It's a pity to give up on summer clothes this early in the Autumn/Winter season.  By the way - the tights in Penneys are great!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sophie here - we found this fantastic tutorial on how to create a stencilled glitter tattoo by MAC makeup - it gives simple makeup instructions that are easy to follow and then shows exactly how to create a tattoo on the side of your face, using simple ingredients.

I've lots of this glitter in amazing colours - think I'll make a little business offering tattoos to teens!

I think i need to seach for a suitable adhesive to make them last longer on arms and tummy and other tattoo places!