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Friday, August 5, 2011


Rachel and Sophie here - well girls, yesterday we took a little trip to see the Dublin Horse Show.  As it was Ladies Day, we knew that there would be lots of stylish ladies wandering around and we fancied a nice day out.

There was lots to see, with show jumping and stalls selling a huge selection of things from dresses to horse saddles and hair extensions to nail decorations.  It kept us occupied for hours.

As for the style - the best dressed lady - Yvette Byrne,  pictured right had a home created outfit in a subtle colour, with a top of french lace and a skirt made from curtain fabric!  There were fascinators of all sorts, some resembling flower arrangements perched on heads, to others one could mistake for furry creatures and feathered friends.

Some outfits were from the most luxurious of boutiques and others looked as if they had been rescued from the back of wardrobes - perhaps worn to a wedding several seasons ago.  Many ladies had made a great effort with their style.  Some got it really right.  Others....well let's say, they could do with a bit of advice from our Mom!  Two young students who were all dressed up, were so drunk, they were falling off their high heels and giggling as they wobbled from stall to stall.  Not a stylish sight!

This video gives an idea of the atmosphere on the day.  Enjoy!

Perhaps we can convince the organizers to hold a competition next year for 'Most Stylish Teen' and we'll all go along.  What do you think?