Rachel: Bubbly teen (17) likes sports, friends, Sims, music, fashion, perfume, walking the dog with my Dad and Life!

Sophie: Stylish teen (19) who likes fashion, parties, sleepovers, movies, books, music, blading and lots of friends!

Liz: Fun Mom and Stylist, who likes travel, accessories, friendships, home life, books, flowers and style of all kinds.

Polly: Adorable dog (4) who loves food, food, food, cuddles, slow walks, food and anybody elses food too!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Sophie, Rachel and Liz here -

Happy Birthday Teen Life and Style! We have been having a good chat today about all that has happened since we started our blog one year ago.  Wow - what a year it has been.  Good days and more challenging ones but we have really enjoyed working together to create something we feel will build into something greater over time. We have had 10,200 views of our blog from all over the world.  We are fascinated by the power of the internet and how people find us and offer us opportunities through the power of networking.  We are still learning -  we feel the blog has improved over the year - we hope to bring you lots of interesting snippets of teen life and style over the months to come.

To celebrate today, we searched for a song that resonated with each of us - hope you enjoy this one.... it brings back lovely memories to us, of Disney Movies and our trip to London, which we really enjoyed.

To keep you up to date on the fashion front, being the 1st August, the Autumn Winter ranges are being announced and this video is of Penneys new range which will begin to appear in the stores in August gives us all a flavour of fashion to come and we think you will agree.... there's lots to look forward to!

But all of this is a few weeks away - so in the meantime - make the most of your summer style even on the dull days.  Love from us to you XXX