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Monday, August 29, 2011


Rachel and Sophie here - isn't it great news to hear that Beyonce and Jay-Z will have a baby!  She was certainly the best dressed lady at the VMA's last night.  Hope to see it all on TV soon.

You will remember our recent post on the colour orange - Beyonce certainly looked amazing in her goddess type orange dress.  You will notice her little baby bump in the photo.  We wish her well.

If you want to have a look at some other stars, including Kelly Rowland and Katy Perry at the Awards, just click here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 Sophie and Rachel here - we've been admiring Anne Hathaway's style for years - right through her time in the 'Princess Diaries' and on to 'The Devil Wears Prada' (one of our most favourite  movies).

At the London premiere of her new movie 'One Day' which we have been waiting for she looked so sophisticated and beautiful. We're really looking forward to seeing the movie very soon.

Could you believe that the dress she's wearing is a figure-hugging lace creation from Sarah Burton's 2012 Resort collection for McQueen.

When I saw the dress I instantly saw Kate Middleton's style.
The jewellery is by Tiffany and the website is worth looking at. Girls if you want some Tiffany jewellery come talk to me I have a contact!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Rachel here - I didn't expect to be posting about Beyonce this weekend, but last night, quite late, we watched a recording of her recent gig at Glastonbury 2011.  It was amazing.  There were new songs and some of her older ones, compilations and tributes to other artists such as GAGA, Kings of Leon and Destiny's Child.

Beyonce looked fab as always, but what was amazing was her non-stop dance routines - really awe inspiring girls.  A few great dance moves for the next disco!  It was amazing to hear the crowd sing along and she said that it is the first time she had performed to a crowd of 175,000.  Wow.

The 75 minutes we had recorded were fantastic from beginning to end and if you have not seen it, you will pick up most of the songs on Youtube...... enjoy.  The one I have chose for you is HALO - I love the way she goes down to the audience and really connects with them.  She is a real icon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sophie and Rachel here - today is our Dad's birthday.  He is special.  He is the kindest and best Dad in the world who is always there for us, brings us for great walks, gives us lifts wherever we want to go and hardly ever says 'no'.  We love ya Dad.....Happy Birthday - have a really special day. 

p.s. Check your Facebook - it's up to date at last!  

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Liz here - recently when Rachel had friends over, one of the lovely girls was wearing an orange top (she will know exactly who she is - because I admired it several times). In the picture we have chosen, Selena Gomez is wearing a gorgeous orange evening gown.

Orange is such a feelgood colour and working as a stylist, I have discovered that a little orange suits almost everyone.

At this time of year, when we are still wearing our Summer style - a touch of orange makes an outfit special in some way.  Many of the design houses use orange successfully in their collections right through the year.

If you can’t bear to wear orange clothing then you can still follow the trend by using an orange bag, shoes or jewellery.  This year - there is even orange lipstick and orange nail varnish available - so experiment with the colour orange - even a little of it and see what you think.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Rachel here - from time to time Sophie and I decide to go on a bit of an adventure...we usually need to rope Dad in to get organized.  On Sunday, we decided it was a day to relive our childhood and go paddling our double canoe near where we live.  It is a bit like riding a bicycle - once you can paddle - you can always paddle!

We started in sunshine, but then it rained, and rained.  Any attempt to look stylish disappeared as soon as we put on our gear.  There were lots of people swimming and at one stage I jumped in for a swim too.  It was oh so chilly!

What we didn't realize was that there would be a bit of talent around, with a guy whizzing by on a jet ski and three guys wake boarding and waving at us as they passed by!  At that stage we were wet and cold, not great for the image girls....

 It was a dull day weather wise, but we had great fun and laughed a lot.  It was back home afterwards for nice hot chocolate.

Thanks Dad!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Rachel and Liz here - we found this video of the last appearance on stage by the wonderful Amy Winehouse, with her God Daughter Dionne Bromfield - who could possibly follow in Amy's musical footsteps -

This is obviously an amateur video of this precious last performance...  Today we found Dionne Bromfield's album which was released in July 2011 - nice upbeat music - have a listen to this video of sample songs from the album...

Going to download a few of these songs.  Remembering Amy....

Friday, August 5, 2011


Rachel and Sophie here - well girls, yesterday we took a little trip to see the Dublin Horse Show.  As it was Ladies Day, we knew that there would be lots of stylish ladies wandering around and we fancied a nice day out.

There was lots to see, with show jumping and stalls selling a huge selection of things from dresses to horse saddles and hair extensions to nail decorations.  It kept us occupied for hours.

As for the style - the best dressed lady - Yvette Byrne,  pictured right had a home created outfit in a subtle colour, with a top of french lace and a skirt made from curtain fabric!  There were fascinators of all sorts, some resembling flower arrangements perched on heads, to others one could mistake for furry creatures and feathered friends.

Some outfits were from the most luxurious of boutiques and others looked as if they had been rescued from the back of wardrobes - perhaps worn to a wedding several seasons ago.  Many ladies had made a great effort with their style.  Some got it really right.  Others....well let's say, they could do with a bit of advice from our Mom!  Two young students who were all dressed up, were so drunk, they were falling off their high heels and giggling as they wobbled from stall to stall.  Not a stylish sight!

This video gives an idea of the atmosphere on the day.  Enjoy!

Perhaps we can convince the organizers to hold a competition next year for 'Most Stylish Teen' and we'll all go along.  What do you think?

Monday, August 1, 2011


Sophie, Rachel and Liz here -

Happy Birthday Teen Life and Style! We have been having a good chat today about all that has happened since we started our blog one year ago.  Wow - what a year it has been.  Good days and more challenging ones but we have really enjoyed working together to create something we feel will build into something greater over time. We have had 10,200 views of our blog from all over the world.  We are fascinated by the power of the internet and how people find us and offer us opportunities through the power of networking.  We are still learning -  we feel the blog has improved over the year - we hope to bring you lots of interesting snippets of teen life and style over the months to come.

To celebrate today, we searched for a song that resonated with each of us - hope you enjoy this one.... it brings back lovely memories to us, of Disney Movies and our trip to London, which we really enjoyed.

To keep you up to date on the fashion front, being the 1st August, the Autumn Winter ranges are being announced and this video is of Penneys new range which will begin to appear in the stores in August gives us all a flavour of fashion to come and we think you will agree.... there's lots to look forward to!

But all of this is a few weeks away - so in the meantime - make the most of your summer style even on the dull days.  Love from us to you XXX