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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Rachel here - it is great to see the shops focusing on 'festival style' this week (and to see people wandering around the shops in their wellies).  We went on a search to see which shop was offering best style and best value.  Having been a bit disillusioned with the style on offer in Penneys this summer season.... we are glad to report that the store was right back on track and we are happy to award
an 'I love Penneys' badge here on the blog.

The bikinis are great, the selection of Snoopy, Betty Boop, Lola Bunny, Pink Panther T shirts were fantastic, costing just €7 each.  The denim shorts were great, but none available in our size, even though we searched the shop.  Their accessories, such as belts, hats and bags looked really expensive and were just a couple of eauro each.

Penneys had a gorgeous window display of festival style, but most of the items we liked were sold out.  We'll have to get there quicker next year.  Their high waisted denim shorts, flowery wellies and floral chiffon shirts all looked expensive and cool.
 Liz here -The festival 'look' is very much a mixture between denim and dressy.  Denim mini skirts or shorts, worn with over the knee socks (again Penneys had a good selection), and a top that you would normally wear to a disco or club with lace, or glitter or some kind of  embellishment.  Wicker baskets, with trinkets tied on give a lovely look and there were so many hats to choose from.  There is plenty of scope to be really creative in putting outfits together and once you have the shorts, the wellies and a light raincoat, you will have got it right, no matter what else you wear.

Let's hope the sun shines and the music is great!