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Sophie: Stylish teen (19) who likes fashion, parties, sleepovers, movies, books, music, blading and lots of friends!

Liz: Fun Mom and Stylist, who likes travel, accessories, friendships, home life, books, flowers and style of all kinds.

Polly: Adorable dog (4) who loves food, food, food, cuddles, slow walks, food and anybody elses food too!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sophie here - just found this one from Cristina Aguilera and Marroon 5's Adam Levine - kind of catchy.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Liz here - I spotted this image of Selena Gomez on Facebook this evening - featured in Elle Magazine, Mexico, Selena has been styled to look much older than her years.  As a stylist, I believe that teens have a great opportunity to style themselves and wear clothes that would just not be suitable for other stages in their lives

Yes,  dress up for special occasions or going to a disco or club, but day today and particularly on a gorgeous summer day like we had today in Ireland, it's nice to be a kid for a few hours, Sophie went canoeing with friends and style was the last thing on their minds and Rachel walked the beach with Polly doggie and her Dad - it's great to be free to be a kid (even a teen kid) and to make the very most of those teen years.

Back to Selena - we get a glimpse of the adult - but what about the lovely kid we wished happy birthday to the other day?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Liz and Rachel here - we have just noticed today that Rihanna has been named 'Woman of the Year' by Vogue Magazine Italy.  At only 23, she has accomplished so much, in her music life, in her personal life including overcoming adversity and in her humanitarian work too.

Rihanna has joined and supported campaigns for the fight against breast cancer and world famine too.  We did not realise that she has also offered her help to ill or less fortunate people such as a very young fan in the search for a bone marrow donor to save her from leukaemia.

To celebrate her success our choice of song for you is .......

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sophie here - browsing for style ideas, there is no doubt that Kim Kardashian has fantastic style.  The clothes she chooses are wearable and interchangeable - just the way I like my style.  Her more dressy style is more sophisticated than I like to wear at my age, but her casual style is perfect.

I love her faded ripped jeans and all the little details of her style, including sunglasses, handbags and shoes.  She always looks really well, whatever the occasion.  I like the way her bag and shoes don't match in this photo...

In the sales I have been picking up some clothes at reduced prices, a couple of dresses and tops that make my style a bit more sophisticated and will be useful for years to come.  Sometimes it is possible to create the 'look' you want, without spending a fortune.  My new faux leather jacket from Bershka in the picture on the left cost just €20 in the sale and gives me lots of options.

It's strange so see all the new stock coming into the shops at the moment.  It feels like summer has passed us by in Ireland.   I am going to make a wishlist for my Autumn / Winter wardrobe!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Liz here - Amy was only 27, what a waste of amazing talent.  What a pity the lovely Amy Winehouse could not get or take the help she needed to free herself from her demons and addictions.

So much right in her life, with her music, yet so much wrong too.  Reminds me of when the lovely Paula Yates passed.  Amy has been a walking timebomb recently....jeered by fans when she could not stand up on stage. Her death is pitiful.

Our thoughts tonight with everyone in Norway who has been affected by the tragedy there.  Too many deaths this weekend.  We must remember to live life to the full and to help those who need help.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Sophie here - I've been experimenting with my nails all summer.  The matt pastel shades are really nice and this link will give you an idea of the lovely shades available and how gorgeous nails look with this glossy pastel finish.
I have been using Nails Inc nail varnish, a lovely present from my Fairy Godmother Auntie Bee XX

Oh and by the way.... a very happy birthday today  to SELENA GOMEZ....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MUSIC SHARE (Demi Lovato)

Rachel here - I'm off on holidays for a couple of days, so here's a little music share to keep you going while I'm away.... Demi has made a bit of a comeback with her new song SKYSCRAPER - what do you think?  let me know on Facebook please.... I'm disappointed with the video, but I love the song.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Rachel here - I decided to have a belated birthday party with my friends at the weekend.  When thinking of my outfit, I decided on a 'festival style' theme - I guess there has been so much chat about festivals and so many clothes in the shops for the festival season.... that's why.
My t-shirt which is a lovely aqua colour is from Bershka's sale costing just €7, the denim shorts are a really good fit and are from the Bershka new season stock - so we are in denim shorts for autumn/winter girls!.  My  Roxy boots were bought in the winter and stored until summertime - at just €20 from T K Maxx, they were a steal and are really comfortable.

My belt is from a selection at Penneys costing around €2 - I find I am wearing belts more and more these days to finish an outfit off.

We had a really fun evening, despite the awful weather!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Sophie here -  it's hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston is in her 40's. This style feature (via stylist Darren Kennedy - which names Irish shops and gives euro prices) shows her relaxed casual style - something she is very good at putting together and wearing well.

Click here to take a look at the article....

I think her featured outfit is perfect for a  teen - especially in this disappointing Summer weather here in Ireland.  All of the clothes will last from season to season, can be dressed up for dressy wear and dressed down for a day at the shops.  Great style inspiration.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Rachel here- saw denim dungaree shorts in Penneys for a fiver- wasn't sure if they would look cool or crap, then see that Alexa Chung is wearing them...they must be cool...wish I'd bought them!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Sophie here - I always admire Selena Gomez style.  Checking through images, she has some great hair looks.

Today I came across a makeup tutorial that I will share below.  It is an easy to follow makeup lesson, which could be created in all different shades to create different looks.

It mentions eyebrow definition, which is so important in creating a good makeup.  It also shows how you can use products you already have, mixed with other products to create a whole new 'look'. Try it out and let us know how you get on, on Facebook.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Liz and Rachel here - we love when we find new music artists to share.  Today we found Lissie and her song 'Everywhere I go'.  The song is nice and soothing to listen to, but the video is special..... let us know what you think on Facebook......


Rachel here - great news today - Victoria Beckham has given birth to her long wished for baby daughter.  I'm sure she will have so much fun dressing her little girl in the latest fashion.  Hope mum and baby are doing well and will have a really happy life together.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Rachel here - it is great to see the shops focusing on 'festival style' this week (and to see people wandering around the shops in their wellies).  We went on a search to see which shop was offering best style and best value.  Having been a bit disillusioned with the style on offer in Penneys this summer season.... we are glad to report that the store was right back on track and we are happy to award
an 'I love Penneys' badge here on the blog.

The bikinis are great, the selection of Snoopy, Betty Boop, Lola Bunny, Pink Panther T shirts were fantastic, costing just €7 each.  The denim shorts were great, but none available in our size, even though we searched the shop.  Their accessories, such as belts, hats and bags looked really expensive and were just a couple of eauro each.

Penneys had a gorgeous window display of festival style, but most of the items we liked were sold out.  We'll have to get there quicker next year.  Their high waisted denim shorts, flowery wellies and floral chiffon shirts all looked expensive and cool.
 Liz here -The festival 'look' is very much a mixture between denim and dressy.  Denim mini skirts or shorts, worn with over the knee socks (again Penneys had a good selection), and a top that you would normally wear to a disco or club with lace, or glitter or some kind of  embellishment.  Wicker baskets, with trinkets tied on give a lovely look and there were so many hats to choose from.  There is plenty of scope to be really creative in putting outfits together and once you have the shorts, the wellies and a light raincoat, you will have got it right, no matter what else you wear.

Let's hope the sun shines and the music is great!

Friday, July 1, 2011


 Rachel here-supermodel Kate Moss married Jamie Hince today. Wearing a dress by her controversial friend John Galliano and Manolo Blahnik shoes, she posed for photographs with her new husband and a host of flower girls and bridesmaids. Jamie wore an Yves Saint Laurent suit.

The stylish wedding is planned as a 'festival'  type event lasting several days, and with several outfit changes. We will be keeping watch as the event unfolds and hope she has found happiness.