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Thursday, April 28, 2011


We've had a little blogging break, because we have been on our travels to a wonderful place, to see wonderful people - our secret!

It is amazing how many fab experiences you can fit into a few days away. We feel really lucky. Our love and thanks to those who gave us such a lovely treat - you know who you are! We hope your Easter was as happy as ours. Sophie and Rachel XX

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


All three of us are so busy right now, with exam prep but we still have time to find things to brighten your life! Take a listen, and a look at this gorgeous, hunky, (french we think) guy..... we just love his music. What do you think? His name...... JULIAN PERETTA....... his video..... like a mini movie!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Sophie here - the Style Awards were so cool! Everybody was like a celebrity. Some of the outfits were gorgeous.

My favourite dress worn by one of the guests was red and black check, with a high neck and feathers attached all down the front. The models were elegantly tall, super skinny and lots of them wore their hair back in a tight high ponytail, with hair wrapped around it.

People sipped elegantly from their glasses and mingled. Deirdre Morrissey was stunning in her outlandish outfit, but more importantly she was naturally beautiful and very kind to Rachel and me. Everyone we met or introduced ourselves to were so kind. There was a real happy buzz.

Some of the shoes worn were amazing. Even the taller models wore really high shoes. Some of the models were really pretty, but others had strong features with fabulous makeup and they stood out in the crowd.

I was amazed that all the people at the Awards represent style in Ireland. In this photo, the most stylish Deirdre Morrissey poses for fun with winning Stylist Maria Fusco, a gorgeous lady, full of life and fun.

There were so many photographers on the night, taking photos for newspapers and magazines. They kept taking our photo too, maybe we'll be featured in a magazine! If you see our picture anywhere girls, give us a shout out!

It was very interesting to see so many parts of the style industry, from makeup, to photography, styling and modeling, magazines and hairdressers, all together, all wanting to win.

We had a fab evening. Thanks Mom.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Rachel here (Sophie will put up a post tomorrow) -
I have to say, our night at Ireland's Most Influential in Fashion Awards was beyond anything I could have imagined. I never thought that we would get to talk to so many famous people and when we told them about our blog, they were really interested.

As we walked into the Mansion House and up the red carpet, we could see model Faye Dinsmore having her photo taken - when we went over to her, she happily posed with us, which was so kind and she was very friendly to us.

Here we are with Faye. I think this was one of the most surprising things about the evening - the kindness and friendliness of everyone we met. The style was fantastic and the inside of the mansion house was beautifully decorated. I know we were in Dublin, but it felt like we were in New York!

The celebrities looked amazing. We had a list of people we wanted to meet and one by one we met them, over the evening. We took photos of them, they took photos of us and we had such a great time.

Some of the outfits were wonderful. The person who won the 'Most Stylish' award was Deirdre Morrissey - she was so friendly and let me take her photo and was so chatty. She had the most amazing shoes and hat. At the end of the evening she even came over to say goodbye to us.
Here in this photo Sophie and I are posing with the winner of the Best Stylist Award, Maria Fusco. Maria is a most gracious lady and knows our Mom from years ago. We had a long chat with her and we really hope that some day she will ask us to model for one of her wonderfrul fashion shoots. Maria has the airs and graces of a movie star and was so kind to us. She always wears exotic and stylish clothes and is one of a kind. She was the owner of a shop called Baby Bambino when we were young and sometimes Mom would treat us to lovely shoes or clothes from this beautiful shop and we still have some little shoes from there in our memory boxes.

In this photo we are with Bonzie Crotty, wonderful Irish designers based in Waterford. Mom introduced us to Bonzie's work and we love the beautiful pieces she makes that are suitable for weddings and special occasions. There is something so creativie about everything she does and she was very friendly to us and I hope that sometime we can go to her studio and model a few pieces for her.

These were the four ladies on our list and we were so lucky to meet all of them.

When we looked around, everyone was from the world of Irish fashion and style. There were prizes for makeup artists, hairdressers, magazines, designers, models, photographers. There were also people from the world of TV. The cameras were flashing all evening and the photographers were happy to photograph us, as well as all the famous people. Everyone felt like a celebrity in the Mansion House last night, I felt like I was in a dream. In fact I still do. Mom says I was starstruck all evening lol! Sophie will post her thoughts tomorrow. Til then, have fun girls and dare to dream!