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Sunday, March 20, 2011

FRIDAY - Rebecca Black

Some thoughts from the Teen Life Team....On Friday, we received a Youtube Video from Harry and Alfie - we had a listen to it and surprisingly, decided not to put it up on this blog. It was just an instinct. Yes, it was teenage, yes it was catchy, but something about the song did not appeal to us. We didn't criticise the singer, we didn't dis the song - we just forgot about it. Then.....such a story has emerged as this young music artist - on Rachel's twitter it was 'trending' and we began to follow what has turned out to be a huge 'bullying' type story. We are not sure how much is true about what we know about Rebecca Black, but we do know that something sinister is going on, with all kinds of threats and insults focussed on her.

We are huge fans of technology and embrace all the positive aspects of communicating in this way. We are, however shocked at the negative side of all of this. We at Teen Life and Style believe that everyone should be free to sing a song or record a video and upload it on Youtube. We have done it ourselves! The choice to watch or listen to a video is always with the person who presses the 'play' button.

For some reason there seems to be an underlying teen jealousy around this singer and her song. It is the same kind of peer dislike/envy that underlies lots of other bullying incidents nearer to home. It is such a pity that the freedom we all have when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube turns sour in some way when these unkind indidents happen.

I'm sure you each have an opinion about the singer and about the song. As mentioned earlier, it did not make our playlist, but we wish every new singer well and we hope that all teens have the opportunity to follow their dream! Really, we should live and let live and the world would be a much better place.