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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sophie and Rachel here - no money to buy new clothes, we've had to search through our wardrobes to come up with a couple of nice outfits to wear tomorrow night and over the next few weeks. It is funny how we forget what we have, especially when they are not the clothes we normally wear at weekends. Anyway, we've come up with a few surprise combinations that will keep us going until we get a few summer clothes together, which usually happens around our birthdays in May.

What treasures have you got hidden away? Would it be worthwhile doing a bit of a clear out to see if you too can give your style a boost in the weeks to come?

Sometimes having a look at Vanessa Hudgens' style gives us a few ideas. Her clothes are fab!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Oh Girls, Sophie and Rachel here -

we are sooo excited! Next Thursday evening, we will be at the Mansion House in Dublin for 'Ireland's Most Influential in Fashion Awards' hosted by our favourite model Faye Dinsmore. Click here to see our names on the list of all who will attend:

We think this is going to be an amazing evening and we look forward to blogging all about it afterwards. It feels like we are off to the Oscars! Great!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sophie and Rachel here - just a bit of a concert performance to cheer up your life - we are fans of Amy Mcdonald, as you might know, but wouldn't you just love to go to a concert like this one some time??? We love the lighting effects.
Have a happy evening........

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FRIDAY - Rebecca Black

Some thoughts from the Teen Life Team....On Friday, we received a Youtube Video from Harry and Alfie - we had a listen to it and surprisingly, decided not to put it up on this blog. It was just an instinct. Yes, it was teenage, yes it was catchy, but something about the song did not appeal to us. We didn't criticise the singer, we didn't dis the song - we just forgot about it. Then.....such a story has emerged as this young music artist - on Rachel's twitter it was 'trending' and we began to follow what has turned out to be a huge 'bullying' type story. We are not sure how much is true about what we know about Rebecca Black, but we do know that something sinister is going on, with all kinds of threats and insults focussed on her.

We are huge fans of technology and embrace all the positive aspects of communicating in this way. We are, however shocked at the negative side of all of this. We at Teen Life and Style believe that everyone should be free to sing a song or record a video and upload it on Youtube. We have done it ourselves! The choice to watch or listen to a video is always with the person who presses the 'play' button.

For some reason there seems to be an underlying teen jealousy around this singer and her song. It is the same kind of peer dislike/envy that underlies lots of other bullying incidents nearer to home. It is such a pity that the freedom we all have when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube turns sour in some way when these unkind indidents happen.

I'm sure you each have an opinion about the singer and about the song. As mentioned earlier, it did not make our playlist, but we wish every new singer well and we hope that all teens have the opportunity to follow their dream! Really, we should live and let live and the world would be a much better place.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Celebrating in Dublin today!
Happy St. Patrick's day to all our readers, here in Ireland and elsewhere. It is great to see on the blogger stats that people from all over the world - USA, Switzerland, Australia, Indonesia, Lithuania, to name but a few, are finding us on line and following our Blog. Social Media is shrinking our world and making all kinds of friendships and connections possible.

It is wonderful to see our National day celebrated in style all over the world. Our picture shows the parade in Dublin today, what a great crowd and how lucky we were with the weather! We've had a very nice relaxing St. Patrick's day this year and we plan to watch the movie 'Social Network' tonight.

On this special day in Ireland, we send thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan at this time of tragedy, suffering and sadness - we wish strength and hope for people there.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Sophie here - I loved my night out at THE SCRIPT last Thursday. There is something about a concert mid-week (with school next day) that makes it even better. 5 of us headed off together. I knew I liked their music - my favourite song is 'The Man that Can't be Moved'. They really are great LIVE. They're hot and they're IRISH and I am now a really big fan. The concert was great, from beginning to end and when Danny came down from the stage into the audience we all nearly fainted. It was a great event and I'll definitely be booking tickets the next time they play here. People were saying that they are as good as U2! I think they are even better. They look like ordinary guys, but their music is amazingly good. WOW!

JEN meets!

Rachel here - would you believe it..... Mom's gorgeous friend from college, Jennifer, got to meet our heartthrob Justin Bieber this week girls..... can you believe it?? I know that there were sightings of the gorgeous guy all over South County Dublin - but just look how close she is......he looks really great, I think you will agree and I am soooooooo jealous. I would love to interview Jen about the experience - what was he really like? what did he smell like? were his eyes as gorgeous as I think they are? Swoooon! I think I am going to faint!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Just a little blognote to wish our only and best (some of the time) brother ANDREW a very Happy 21st BIRTHDAY today. Can't believe you're 21! Have lots of fun and hey.....CELEBRATE!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Rachel here - on my soapbox (to make a little speech) - I'm just home from the Leinster game - great game - but I learned more than I expected - behind me were a few guys and boyz oh boyz did I hear their chatter all through the game and not a second passed by when they didn't talk..... thought I was bad for the chat girls - they went on and on with 'boyzchat' (remember where you first heard this word GIRLZ! Well... they talked about their mom's and what their mom's think about everything.... then they went on to chat about FACEBOOK and then about a birthday party - by the time the game was over I felt I had known them all my life! I really didn't realize that boyz chat like this. Even more than girlz do! It was so funny...and they didn't realize I could hear everything!

Now for a bit of weekend music - I haven't seen this one before - it's Miley at her best! Have a listen and see what you think of it. - really catchy song....... sing along!