Rachel: Bubbly teen (17) likes sports, friends, Sims, music, fashion, perfume, walking the dog with my Dad and Life!

Sophie: Stylish teen (19) who likes fashion, parties, sleepovers, movies, books, music, blading and lots of friends!

Liz: Fun Mom and Stylist, who likes travel, accessories, friendships, home life, books, flowers and style of all kinds.

Polly: Adorable dog (4) who loves food, food, food, cuddles, slow walks, food and anybody elses food too!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Liz here - As Christmas is approaching, I'm sure you have begun your shopping. One thing is for sure, there is lots of good value in the shops this year. There are sale rails in lots of the shops and I've been able to pick up a few lovely bits and pieces for the girls at very good prices.

We took a look through their clothes and could quickly make a list of which items would make a really workable wardrobe for each of them.

Rachel and I had a day at Expose together and we saw lots of lovely clothes and beauty products. My friend Caroline had a lovely stall with fab clothes for teens and Rachel fell in love with some of the clothes. This photo taken by Rachel shows very well what is 'in' this season. If you have a bit of bling (we're talking diamante) and a bit of fur, then you will be right in fashion! With the shorter length skirts, dresses and shorts, I think it is nice to have a short length coat in your wardrobe this year. We picked up a nice one in Awear for just €40. Awear have some lovely blingy rings too. The scarves in Penneys are a steal. Best shoe value we found in New Look, whether casual shoes or dressy heels. It is just great to have a Juicy shop in Kildare Village, because even a little 'Juicy' makes an ordinary outfit seem glamourous. Oooh, it's all sooo exciting!