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Friday, September 10, 2010


Rachel here - will I ever forget my sore legs last week?? I had been jogging in the summer to avoid hitting the hockey wall in September - but guess what? it didn't work - I may be fit - but not hockey fit..... I'm delighted to be back playing a team sport, even though we were soaked to the skin last Saturday.... hockey is a big part of my life - I love the position I play and the interaction with other team members. I love the feeling of scoring that one important goal that will change the whole direction of the game and I love the sense of responsibility and the hope of getting to the later stages of the hockey junior cup.... imagine girls.... the Leinster Final... the croud cheering.... holding the trophy full of.....lemonade!!!! Wow. This could be our year. This is our year. Oh I wonder will I even get on the team.....anyways, see you tomorrow at 10.30 whatever the weather. Tough faces girls!!!

I don't know about you girls, but settling down to the homework is .... challenging.....knowing when I actually know something is .... even more challenging. I feel the weight of the Junior Cert on my shoulders this year. Any hints and tips, much appreciated. As the results come out this week (good luck to anyone who's waiting, especially you RK) I hope that you all get really good marks, so that all your hard work was worthwhile. SCREAM when you get them. Let all that stress out. Plan some great celebrations and if you do get a bit of a disappointment.... learn from it - go for it next time!! Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'm off to do my!