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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Liz here - we've been getting a bit organised recently, to turn our clutter into cash. We've put together a system where we all review our belongings, pack them in fruit boxes (free from the supermarket) - these are great as they double up as display boxes when we get our stand set up and then, even though we sell everything for just a couple of euro - at the end of the day, it all adds up. There are so many good things about this....
Firstly, there's the recycling aspect, then there's the kind of crazy fun day out which starts a bit to early, there's the good feeling of having cleared out and being organised, there's the feelgood factor of sharing well cared for belongings with others, for a really good price and last but not least there's the cash €€€€€€€€. I often feel reluctant to start, but feel just great afterwards. There are car boot sales all over the place these days and for this reason, I thought there would be fewer customers. I was completely wrong. There is a big and regular clientele. people just love a bargain. I love to see some much loved clothes and belongings going to a new owner who is delighted to get them for a cheap price.

Rachel here - today, my red leather jacket I've has had for years went to a lovely little girl for just a couple of euro. Her Mom was delighted with the bargain. Our collection of Sylvanians has gone to lots of new homes and our beanies have too. I'm delighted with the space in my wardrobe now that some of my clothes have gone to new owners. The buzz of the car boot sale was great. We had lovely home baked cakes from one of the stalls. I was tempted to buy a few bits and pieces, but having just cleared out, decided not to bring anything new home for now Some people bought more than they brought to sell! Anyway, we're saving! Clearing out my toys brought back so many happy memories. I kept a few of the special ones. Some things are just too hard to part with. So get clearing girls!