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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Rachel here - when I began to watch X FACTOR last night, I got this wintery feeling all over. What with back to school this week as well, it felt like Summer has gone by in a flash. A flash of happy days, sunshine, friendships and so much fun. But just too fast.

When I saw
Simon Cowell's grumpy face I realised that we are into a new season of TV and X FACTOR. Of course there's lots to look forward to, but it feels like it's just too soon. I want to keep the summery feeling for a few more weeks. How am I going to do this? by wearing my summer clothes, layered with cardis, or even boots to give a more wintery look. I'm going to make plans to be outdoors as much as I can with my friends and I'm going to talk to them tomorrow to see what we are going to get up to over the next while just to strrrrrrretch Summer as far as we can. I hope this year's X FACTOR will be great!