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Monday, August 23, 2010


Sophie here - just this evening we had a visit from our fantastic, fabulous and really kind hairdresser (who shall remain anonymous for now). It is just great to have a hairdresser who listens to us and does exactly what we ask and gives good advice too. He has a special relationship with each of us and we have great chats while he cuts our hair. If we show him a picture of what we want (because we are both a bit fussy about our hair) - he will always explain why we should or should not do something we've asked for and when he's finished cutting, will show us how to dry our new cut... if we talk to him nicely he might give us a bit of good advice for all teens - we'll have a chat with him next time.

Rachel here - while in DL today and knowing that we'd have new haircuts later, I picked up some L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray (with Cheryl Cole on the front) - we've been noticing this in the magazines - their marketing does work! Once we saw Cheryl's smiley face on the front, we just knew we had to have it. Will let you know if it does what it says on the tin!

Maybe the nice people in L'Oreal would like us to review their products for them. We would just love that and could share a few of the products around too for some real teen feedback. I'm really getting to understand this blog stuff now. In fact one of the first blogs that inspired me was, which Mom showed me one day and I was hooked! You could take a look if you wish.

Let's make sure that teens have a voice in the beauty product world! By the way, the cost of the hairspray was a bit steep, but just a little for the discos makes it go a long way and both Soph and I chipped in together to buy it.

And now, with our hair looking 'good' as we venture's starting to rain. Ah....that's life in Ireland! All the effort - then it rains!