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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Liz here - what's great about summer holidays is that there's more time for hair styling and for experimenting. Before we went on holidays the girls were trying to explain to me what kind of hairstyles they wanted for summer. I told them that as hairstylists are often 'visual' - the best way to tell them exactly what you want (and to avoid disappointment) whether it's a cut or a colour you are after is to bring them a picture of what you want. Searching on the internet makes this really easy. You can even look for your favourite movie star or pop idol's cut and print it out to bring with you.

The one great thing about our hairstylist is that he LISTENS to what we want. You are paying good money for each haircut so you need to find a stylist that (a) is reasonably priced and (b) really listens and gives you good advice. Then.... you have to be prepared to take that advice because hair that looks good on one head, can look disastrous on another!!! and that is what a stylist is trained to do. To imagine what something will look like and .... make it happen.

My new style!
Rachel here - I changed my hairstyle during this school year and wanted to experiment further with it over summer. I decided I wanted a flicked out style but I was having trouble managing it myself so....... over to Sophie, my new personal blow dry expert..... she helped me to get it just right!

It's amazing how a little practice helps. These days I am well able to flick my hair out myself and since Auntie Bee (as mentioned before) donated a GHD hair gadget.... it's even easier now.

Sophie here - When thinking about summertime hair, I wanted a layered style, down past my shoulders, with shorter bangs tapered down my face. I had to convince the hairstylist to layer my hair more and I wanted to be able to wear it up or down, curly or straight. It has taken a couple of cuts to get it exactly as I like it. It has also taken me a while to manage the shorter layers, but now it's easy. I try to dry my hair straight myself rather than using a straightener all the time, as I think it just ruins the ends of your hair.

I experiment with shampoos too and more recently, for special occasions have been backcombing my roots for a bit of volume and a little bit of hairspray makes a difference too. I have been wearing a lot of upstyles these sunny days and if I want my hair curlier I let it dry naturally, gently scrunching it. I can do this in the summer, but it never works in the winter. I want to learn to do a few cool upstyles for discos, so I'm doing a bit of research on the net right now....