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Monday, July 26, 2010


Liz here - the search for the purple t-shirt made me think that there could be some more treasures hiding away in the girls' closets. That is what happens when you buy a bundle of new clothes together - you start wearing some of them and if you haven't worked out what makes up different outfits, a few little t-shirts or a pair of shorts or a skirt can be ignored. Whether adult, or teen, every month or so it is a good idea to revisit your clothes and put together a couple of new combinations. It can feel like you have a lot of new clothes even if they have been hanging around for a while.

With this in mnd, today I took a half hour with the girls to go through what they have and put together a few new combinations. The results were great and they were surprised to realise that they could wear the clothes in other combinations and that they had ignored a few bits and pieces they had bought before the hols.

Let's hope that the weather keeps good for the next few weeks, so they have the opportunity to wear lots of lovely summer colours!