Rachel: Bubbly teen (17) likes sports, friends, Sims, music, fashion, perfume, walking the dog with my Dad and Life!

Sophie: Stylish teen (19) who likes fashion, parties, sleepovers, movies, books, music, blading and lots of friends!

Liz: Fun Mom and Stylist, who likes travel, accessories, friendships, home life, books, flowers and style of all kinds.

Polly: Adorable dog (4) who loves food, food, food, cuddles, slow walks, food and anybody elses food too!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sophie here - just last night we heard singer Amy MacDonald's new song 'this pretty face' - it's a cool song and fits in very well with what we believe at Teen Life and Style.... have a listen to it yourself - there's a good video below...... hope you like it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Rachel here again - I just love Toy Story - I have been a fan, right from the beginning, when I saw the characters in Disneyland Paris when I was still in my buggy. Over the years, I have owned many of the characters, Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Slinky, Rex and even a talking Mr. Potato Head at one stage. Bit by bit my collection has diminished as my Mom does her mega clear outs and we often have car boot sales to get a bit of money together for something we are saving for.....

When I heard Toy Story 3 was coming to the Cinema I just had to get to see it. I was not disappointed at all. The characters were as wonderful as before. I wondered if a trilogy would be a step too far. But NO. It was great. Even greater than I remember. It was a bitter sweet movie, but all was well.

I felt so guilty that I had let go of my Toy Story Characters and when I came home I went straight to my room and rescued my Woody and Jessie toys from a corner and they now are right on top of my bed! I am so glad that I took these out of a bag on the way to the charity shop last year. I just could not let them go. Phew. FRIENDS FOREVER!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Rachel here - we headed off on a bit of a family drive about, 5 of us plus the Polly Dog... that's what Summer is all about. We live near the sea, but there is another beach further down the coastline which we hadn't seen for a while. It was a bright day, not quite as warm as I like it, but it was so nice to chill on the grass just above the beach and have a family chat while Polly had a sniffathon all around.... I just love days like this. A view like this and it cost nothing, It was completely free!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Liz here - the search for the purple t-shirt made me think that there could be some more treasures hiding away in the girls' closets. That is what happens when you buy a bundle of new clothes together - you start wearing some of them and if you haven't worked out what makes up different outfits, a few little t-shirts or a pair of shorts or a skirt can be ignored. Whether adult, or teen, every month or so it is a good idea to revisit your clothes and put together a couple of new combinations. It can feel like you have a lot of new clothes even if they have been hanging around for a while.

With this in mnd, today I took a half hour with the girls to go through what they have and put together a few new combinations. The results were great and they were surprised to realise that they could wear the clothes in other combinations and that they had ignored a few bits and pieces they had bought before the hols.

Let's hope that the weather keeps good for the next few weeks, so they have the opportunity to wear lots of lovely summer colours!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Rachel here - I had a really great barbeque this evening... eight of my friends came over. We had so much to chat about because we have been on holidays and my Mom and Dad were laughing at the loudness of it all. I put a few new songs on my iPod, stole my brother's amp and cranked up the music outdoors. We had delicious food followed by a lot of crazy dancing. It was great to see everyone having fun. I had planned the menu and did the shopping myself. I like to be in control of things!!! We had burgers, sausages and afterwards the most delicious chocolate sundae desserts served in glasses with vanilla and chocolate icecream scoops, broken kitkats, maltesers, hot chocolate sauce we made ourselves and a big squirt of cream. They looked good, but they tasted even better!. Thanks girls for the lovely pressies and for being so much fun. ps my outfit worked out good... and I really like my purple Raybans!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Rachel here - As you know I had bought purple Converse shoes in Spain. I'm having a barbeue tomorrow and want to wear them. I forgot to mention I bought purple Rayban sunglasses too (fakes I'm afraid, bought from the traders on the beach). I will wear white cut offs and want to find a suitable t-shirt. This is where my Mom is great! I asked her what t-shirt would suit - she made a couple of suggestions, but I wanted something different - she remembered that we had bought a purple Tommy Hilfigger t-shirt in the sales last year - it was a bit big for me then. I couldn't find it anywhere, but Mom was really sure that it was somewhere. She suggested I check Sophie's closet and guess what? There it was, new, a perfect colour match and I was delighted with it! I wonder how many lovely t-shirts you have buried on a shelf somewhere?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


A Polly Story - Polly had a lovely toy - in fact it is her third toy - given to us by Donnie at the Wezz Disco! The first toy lasted a couple of months. She loved to play with it and throw it up in the air. Then one day, she wrecked it! The second toy lasted a couple of weeks - she thought it was a rat or a cat and tried to kill it regularly. Then she wrecked it! The third toy, Ducky...only lasted a few days. She ripped the head off! R.I.P. Ducky. Think we'll have to get her a different type of toy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Liz here - as a stylist I am always conscious of the 'finishing touches' to our style. I see lots of nice teen nails, but I see many cracked, chipped and grubby nails too. All of the girls will make an effort for a special occasion, but it is our day to day style that determines if we are 'stylish' in the true sense of the word. Sophie does a great job keeping her own nails and can even do her own french maniacure if she wishes...

If you are struggling with getting your nails right, it might be a good idea to invest in a professional maniacure at a salon. Sophie had a maniacure done in Spain about 3 years ago and since then has become really good herself. Toe nails should be square and just above the top of the toe. Finger nails can be rounded, but I prefer a slighly square look (that's the way the professionals do them).

A base coat prevents your nails from becoming discoloured from the darker or red nail lacquers. My favourite brand right now is Nails Inc. They have some wonderful colours. Auntie Bee often comes up trumps with a gorgeous colour like this one on Sophie's nails...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Rachel here - I have always wanted to have country cousins - you know the kind that you can visit on school holidays - but all our family lives close by us. I was invited to stay with family friends in Kilkenny (in the middle of Ireland) for a few days and I was delighted. I packed enough clothes for a week, just in case I could stay longer than the couple of days I had planned. I sorted my clothes into outfits and for ever pair of trousers or shorts I brought two tops. I had a hoody, a jacket and 3 pairs of shoes, pyjamas, dressing gown, my crocs (which I really like) and a bikini (just in case). It all worked out just fine and yes, I did stay a little longer.

The best things about my Kilkenny visit were seeing new places, really nice people
and spending lots of time with younger kids. This allowed me to be a big kid and I really liked looking after all the little ones and making new friends. The people were so friendly and kind to me and I really hope I will be able to visit again sometime.

I love the countryside, all the green and last time we were in Kilkenny
we saw some bea
utiful horses there.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Rachel here - did we mention that we have a gorgeous Gran? She's
really stylish and funky and today's her birthday. We just love family celebrations and we visited my uncle's beautiful home in the countryside to celebrate. All of our family were there (except our brother - who is stranded on an island in the middle of a lake for the next 10 days with his scout troup). We had delicious food and the biggest and most gorgeous raspberry pavlova I have ever seen! The house has so much land and a little forest and we loved wandering around with our cousins, seeing the horses and getting lost. I just love this place, but we do wonder if there are a just a few ghosts there!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Liz here - this Summer the girls have been wearing belts, on shorts, cut-offs and jeans too. For the past couple of Summers their favourite Abercrombie vests looked nicest worn over top of trousers with layers over. This year, having got some nice belts with shorts they bought in Penneys, we experimented and discovered that tshirts worn tucked in, with belt, trousers little low slung, looks really nice. It also elongates the body shape and shows off waists nicely. Have a peep at Rachel's photo.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Liz here - what's great about summer holidays is that there's more time for hair styling and for experimenting. Before we went on holidays the girls were trying to explain to me what kind of hairstyles they wanted for summer. I told them that as hairstylists are often 'visual' - the best way to tell them exactly what you want (and to avoid disappointment) whether it's a cut or a colour you are after is to bring them a picture of what you want. Searching on the internet makes this really easy. You can even look for your favourite movie star or pop idol's cut and print it out to bring with you.

The one great thing about our hairstylist is that he LISTENS to what we want. You are paying good money for each haircut so you need to find a stylist that (a) is reasonably priced and (b) really listens and gives you good advice. Then.... you have to be prepared to take that advice because hair that looks good on one head, can look disastrous on another!!! and that is what a stylist is trained to do. To imagine what something will look like and .... make it happen.

My new style!
Rachel here - I changed my hairstyle during this school year and wanted to experiment further with it over summer. I decided I wanted a flicked out style but I was having trouble managing it myself so....... over to Sophie, my new personal blow dry expert..... she helped me to get it just right!

It's amazing how a little practice helps. These days I am well able to flick my hair out myself and since Auntie Bee (as mentioned before) donated a GHD hair gadget.... it's even easier now.

Sophie here - When thinking about summertime hair, I wanted a layered style, down past my shoulders, with shorter bangs tapered down my face. I had to convince the hairstylist to layer my hair more and I wanted to be able to wear it up or down, curly or straight. It has taken a couple of cuts to get it exactly as I like it. It has also taken me a while to manage the shorter layers, but now it's easy. I try to dry my hair straight myself rather than using a straightener all the time, as I think it just ruins the ends of your hair.

I experiment with shampoos too and more recently, for special occasions have been backcombing my roots for a bit of volume and a little bit of hairspray makes a difference too. I have been wearing a lot of upstyles these sunny days and if I want my hair curlier I let it dry naturally, gently scrunching it. I can do this in the summer, but it never works in the winter. I want to learn to do a few cool upstyles for discos, so I'm doing a bit of research on the net right now....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sophie here - we forgot to mention the best birthday party we were at this year.... our little cousin Lulabelle invited us along. We'd been style shopping with her the week before and we were given instructions (as only an 11 year old mini teen can!) to make wonderful hats for her birthday party as she was having a hat fashion show and competition, as well as a magician and a sleepover - all in one day - can you imagine?!!! But then, her Mom is our Auntie Bee - a fairy godmother kind of auntie... the kind of auntie that everyone needs in their life! Anyway, back to the party - we had the most amazing day out and... what do you think of our hats?

Monday, July 12, 2010


Rachel here - I forgot to mention my holiday buttefly.... not one for the real thing, I decided to get a henna tattoo done on the beach in Spain. It was nearly the last day before I had the courage to ask my Mom - I should have known she would say yes - she's good about these things... I am delighted with my little butterfly on my hip, she won't last long, but I love her anyway....

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sophie here - I had been waiting for ages to see 'Eclipse'. I loved all the books by Stephanie Meyer. The movie was good, but not great. The plot was full of action from beginning to end, but I am beginning to realise, having seen 3 movies now, that I prefer the books. The descriptions in the books are amazing and really catch your attention and you get drawn right in. The movies seem more make believe. I would recommend this movie for teens... if you haven't read the books you will think it amazing - but I'm still glad I read the books first!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Rachel here - now we are back from holidays I'm really looking forward to getting our blog up and running. This has been a dream of mine for a long time now and I've been gathering all my ideas together. Our Mom is a Stylist and she works with ladies and some men too to get their personal style sorted. She has a great interest in teen style too and helps us put outfits together each season and especially when we are going to a disco or to a party. She is also great at helping boost confidence and she will teach you lots of tricks about life and how you deal with it and how to think differently about things. We will have ideas about hair, makeup, clothes and how to live life to the full. We want to share all of this with teenagers wherever they live.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This is a little Polly story...when we arrived home from hols our dog Polly nearly went crazy. It is the first time we had left her. She is three. She is a Dandie Dinmont and she is cuter than cute! She's Dad's dog really - he got her for his 50th birthday last year but she loves the sound of Mom's voice best. She has a special relationship with each one of should see her playing ball (Ronaldo better watch out!)...I'll try catch it on video soon.....


Liz here - We're back from holidays! You know that anti-climax feeling.... but at least the weather is good at home and that's a great bonus. I was just talking with the girls about our holiday memories....these have to last us 'til we go away again.... we just loved the fresh orange juice in the mornings and the delicious Cacolat chocolate milk. We loved the fresh fruit and vegetables and the crispy baked bread. We enjoyed bargain hunting in the shops and finding lovely clothes and shoes. We loved the feeling of the sun on our bodies and swimming in the pool.

There was wonderful wildlife such as red squirrels an kingfishers and It is great to come home looking forward to going back again.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Rachel here - DO YOU LIKE MY SHOES?????

Yes, I bought two pairs. The purple Converse were
my splashout - I just love the colour.

The white ones were around €10.... I just love
the value in Spain. I like these ones just as much.

It just shows that mixing and matching cheap with expensive buys does work. Thanks Mom!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Sophie here - I had forgotten how wonderful the shops are in Spain. With my birthday money I was planning to pick up a few nice clothes and some shoes too. I found a new black and white dress for just €11. I just love putting outfits together from different shops rather than buying exactly what the stores have to offer. Over the years I have collected quite a few nice clothes that I can put together in different combinations.

I love lace this season so I bought some lovely lacey tops. Where we live the weather is not always the best, so we need to dress in layers. When shopping on hols I had to think if the clothes I liked would be suitable to wear back home. I got some really nice denim shorts and some off the shoulder tops. I picked up some really nice hair accessories too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Liz here - we had a very short time to prepare for holidays this year and decided that we were going to travel without too much baggage, but because we like our style, we had to pack very cleverly. Our holiday was also early in the summer season, so we had not bought so many summer clothes. Firstly, we did a quick check of the summer clothes we had stored from last year.
Being a st
ylist, I always pack these away carefully
and when we checked on them, they were just like new clothes. (If these clothes had been dumped in the back of a closet instead of stored carefully, they would not have felt suitable for the holiday). We quickly discovered what items still fitted the girls and made a list of what they would need to make a few nice outfits suitable for day and evening wear. New white jeans for both girls was top of the list and some shorts, t shirts, a couple of new bikinis.

It is so easy to pick up summer wear at cheap prices in the high street stores. We wanted to buy a few nice items, but were saving our money to shop on holidays too... here are a few of the clothes we picked up at really cheap prices in Good old Penneys. with bikinis for under €10 and sparkly flipflops for about €2.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Rachel here - We're on hols. The holiday was a surprise for our birthdays. Both Sophie and I have birthdays at the end of May. We have been to this resort in Spain a few times and it was great to come back to enjoy all the fun again. We just love the beach and delicious icecreams , the sunshine, the shopping, swimming in the pool and in the sea, watching movies on our laptop and the Spanish food which is deeeliciuos and just chilling!

We brought our rollerblades and have been blading up and down the prom at high speed...while our Dad jogs at a slower speed!!! (sorry Dad) and Mom soaks up the sunshine. I wish our holiday could last forever.... It's so amazing.....